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On February 7, 2012 the Town Council approved the use a portion of the Police Department budget to purchase a Portable Emergency AM Radio Advisory System.  The town will be reimbersed for the purchase through the Department of Homeland Security, Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Activities grant.

In the event of a local emergency the public can expect to see temporary signs erected along the sides of Highway 89 and Highway 26 advising of the emergency and instructing the public to tune in to an AM radio station for information.  The LED signboard will be configured to post a similar message along with other pertinent information.  The town's website will also be a source of emergency information for the public.

The Radio Advisory System will be used to provide the public with information such as emergency instructions, evacuation notices, points of distribution of emergency supplies, times and locations of meeting to address emergencies, updates on emergencies, etc.

The system is expected to be in service by the end of April and will have an effective range of 3-5 miles.  As soon as the AM radio frequency is identified the town will begin a campaign to notify the public.  Once the system is in service the town Emergency Management Coordinator, in conjunction with the Fire Department and the Police Department have plans to conduct a complete test of Alpine's Emergency Alert System.